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The team at Planetdwellers Travel, Tours and Events spent 10 years planning and executing amazing journeys all around the globe. Then in January 2017, we opened our shopfront on Oxford St – just down the hill from the Colombian Hotel.

Our team includes Mario, Barry and Tim. We can offer you and your visitors from around the world the best comprehensive itineraries for seeing Sydney, NSW, Australia and the world!

Flights? Hotels? Cruises? Island escapes? Edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-fuelled experiences? Sunset cocktails? Planetdwellers Travel, Tours and Events are there to make your dream vacation an experience you will never forget. We’ll prepare tailored itineraries for any budget. We can find deals to help everyone get the maximum value from their trip. Only Planetdwellers gives you decades of experience, wrapped up in amazing personalised service.

Check out the site or come visit us in-store to see what all the buzz is about!

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