Powder restrictions

Powder restrictions for passengers travelling to the United States

New United States powder restrictions

As of 30th June 2018 the Department of Homeland Security is prohibiting the transport of powders exceeding 12 ounces/350 milliliters/350 grams (equivalent to a soda can) in carry-on luggage traveling to the United States on direct or connecting flights.

Exceptions can be made provided the powder is among the following:
• Medical powders bearing a prescription of the passenger carrying them.
• Baby formula.
• Human ashes.
• Powders purchased at Duty Free that are sealed and inside a STEB (Secure Tamper Evident Bag), and are cosmetic.

The aforementioned substances can be transported in carry-on luggage if and when they are in a sealed, damage-free, package, even if they exceed the stated volume limit.

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