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//Regional Australia

Indulge too much? Then indulge a little more in Daylesford

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Daylesford, a sleepy town in Victoria about two hours north of Melbourne, has over the last few years gained a reputation as one of the most gay-friendly places in Australia. History of Daylesford Daylesford's European history starts in 1848 when the area was settled by an Irish immigrant, and then it really took off a [...]

Five great tourist towns of regional Australia

By | 2017-01-19T12:12:47+00:00 March 10th, 2015|Australia, History, Regional Australia, Sights|

REGIONAL AUSTRALIA We talk a lot about what there is to do and see in the main tourist destinations in Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne and the Great Barrier Reef. If you have time to spare there's plenty of things to do in regional Australia, and here's some you may have never come across. BALLARAT [...]

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